As Pete Buttigieg’s Electability Rises…

On the topics of “electability” and “enthusiasm,” I give you the following:

I speak only for myself, but I don’t want to vote for my “safety school” candidate. My support remains with Pete Buttigieg because he is the best choice for moderates looking for a non-Biden.

Pete is not for “Medicare For All” but for “All Who Want It.” He has been boots on the ground in Afghanistan. He has detailed plans for ensuring medical care for rural communities, and for enriching the lives and futures of minorities with the Douglass Plan, which coincidentally but not surprisingly, is now being pilfered by fellow Democratic candidates.

He is on the right side of the issues when it comes to globalization, economics, China, campaign finance, the filibuster, climate change, equal pay, labor unions, abortion rights, supporting the military, legal immigration, same-sex marriage, social programs and racial equality.

Pete Buttigieg is educated, thoughtful, a mesmerizing and inspiring speaker, and represents the future in both word and idea. He is also, by far, the best campaigner the Democrats have.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Mayor Buttigieg wins Iowa, or posts a strong second to Biden, and gives him a real run for his money.

**Edit – yes, Pete is in favor of an eventual “Medicare for All” system, but is not putting it forth as part of his current campaign. He is instead for a “glide plan” method to it. Thanks to the Team Pete Buttigieg 2020members for pointing that out to me.

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