A Pro-Life Democrat Gave Pete Buttigieg a Tough Question. Pete Buttigieg Proved He Should Be President With His Answer.

Listening to Pete Buttigieg express ideas in a way every single American can understand is a true miracle of politics happening before our eyes. That we could have such an eager, accomplished mind ready to fight not only for what he believes in, but in an individual’s right to stand behind those beliefs without equivocation shows an integrity that has been missing in American politics for so long, 2020 voters may find it hard to recognize. Contine Reading...

Are You There, Iowa? It’s Me, a Pete Buttigieg Supporter

Iowa... Pete is fighting to earn your support. He knows you’re worried about the direction of the country. He knows you want health care that won’t send you into bankruptcy. He knows you work because you want security, not to just pay this month’s bills. He knows you don’t want your kids having active shooter drills at school. He knows you want to believe your president is there to fight for you. Continue Reading...

Pete Buttigieg’s Military Service: Honor, Courage, Commitment

While the current president, then a private citizen, was questioning Obama’s birth certificate, complaining on Fox & Friends and contributing an endless Twitter-driven diatribe against Rosie O’Donnell and other perceived enemies, Pete Buttigieg was becoming accustomed to the daily sounds of gunfire and bombings, along with constant threats of death that could emerge seemingly out of nowhere, at any given moment. ...Continue Reading

What’s Your Favorite New Pete Buttigieg Campaign Ad? (VOTE)

I was happy to discover this morning that Pete Buttigieg has released four brand new campaign ads, each targeting early-voting states. Since last Thursday, I have not watched much cable news. It's too damn depressing and just a little frightening. I have never felt as disconnected and confused by the actions of my own government in the name of making me safer. I don't feel safe. Do you? ... Continue Reading...

In a Time of Fear and Anxiety, We Can Look to Pete Buttigieg

As we hold our collective breath in this country today, it’s of little comfort that the distance to the next election can now be measured in months instead of years. As Americans, we must sit with the fact that we are helpless in many ways, at the mercy of a corrupt government led by an insecure, pugnacious toddler who has demonstrated no understanding of long-term strategy or the significant task of keeping Americans safe, both at home and abroad. ... Continue Reading