My Confession to Pete Buttigieg Supporters: I Helped Trump Get Elected

Pete Buttigieg for President

First, thank you for supporting this site.  YouCantBeatPete had its single best week.  I appreciate your support, your feedback and your enthusiasm. It eases some of the guilt I feel that I’m one of the reasons Trump got elected in the first place.

In 2016, I told myself “Hillary’s got this.”  But really, I knew better.

But I didn’t campaign for her.  I didn’t make calls.  And I contributed a grand total of $40 to her campaign. I didn’t want to part with my money.  

This week, Pete had a call with his supporters.  He needs to win big in Iowa.  He needs to prove he has solid supporters.  It will change the dynamic and the way the press reports on him.

The day after the 2016 election, I wept in my partner’s arms.  Not because I knew what we were in for.  Who could have imagined all this?

I knew I hadn’t helped my candidate the way I knew I could have.  I took this country, and how lucky I was to be born here, for granted.

Two hours ago, I donated again to Pete.  Some of you know I have been unemployed for the last five months.  But there is no better way to spend some of what I have.

Please contribute to Pete’s campaign right now.  Click this link –

Consider splitting a larger amount with a friend, a spouse, a lover, a co-worker.  Or split it four ways, five ways, a dozen.  If you can donate more, the next 24 hours is the time to do it.

I never understood how unique and fragile our democracy is in the span of history.  And I never realized how quickly it can be assaulted by one wrong man with too much power and an indecent, criminal intent.

A Pete Buttigieg presidency will be a turning point in American history.  His integrity, heart and commitment can preserve the good in this country for our children and grandchildren.

Thank you,


4 thoughts on “My Confession to Pete Buttigieg Supporters: I Helped Trump Get Elected

  1. Gary, this one brought tears to my eyes. I was able to meet Pete two weeks ago because of a random act of kindness from a Team Pete supporter who had connected with me online. Just as I had suspected from watching all those videos and listening to his speeches, when Pete walked through the door into my breathing space, it felt like the Messiah had entered the room. If that sounds a bit overboard, pardon me but that is what my gut signaled. I am married to a Trumper, a quiet, non-stereotypical one who also happens to be a control freak, even more so in our retirement age. I had been slipping small donations to Pete on our credit card, always hoping the lord of the manor wouldn’t catch them. But I became greedy in my joy of contributing to Pete’s campaign and to my hope for his ascent to the Presidency. My birthday falls the day after the Iowa caucus. In a moment of exuberance while watching the Fox News town hall this past weekend, I gifted myself a birthday present. I made a donation equaling my upcoming age. Thought I was quite the smartypants. Tonight I was told to stop all contributions to Pete’s campaign. Then I came to your plea for us to match your contribution. I would give my life for Pete because I feel that he is the only one to lead us out of this political chaos. Now I will shoulder some of the guilt should he falter, and wish I had someone’s arms to weep in. I know there are other ways to support him and I’ll do what I can. Good luck to Pete and to America.


    1. What a wonderful thing to see just before I go to bed. Thanks so much for this, and keep fighting. Pete is worth it. In the long run, we’ll look back and be so proud of everything we’ve done.

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    2. You should have your own credit card! Is there any way you can do that? Your husband does not own you. Your life cannot be easy, I am sure. You have my condolences for the circumstances you find yourself in.


      1. Never mind the credit card, you need to be able to make your own decisions and have your own thoughts. Pete Buttigieg is running for President, not Messiah. You’d be better off if you took that donation money and use it for your own self-care.


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