Pete Buttigieg, A President Who Won’t Use Fear Against Us

In a Buttigieg administration, we won’t fear immigrants, medical catastrophe or increasing global temperatures. We won’t be terrorized into living in a moral paralysis. We won’t fear deluded images of national carnage. We are a tremendous country of wealth, innovation, determination and heart. We have had leaders who exemplified the best in us. With Pete Buttigieg, we can have that again. ... Continue Reading

Why It’s The Right Time for President Pete Buttigieg

This is a dangerous time. And I want the most flexible and articulate mind guiding us through it, a mind at the top of its game, alertness and processing ability. It’s the right time for President Peter Montgomery Buttigieg....Continue Reading

All I Want for Christmas is Pete Buttigieg to Forgive My “Rules of the Road” Violations

I consider Pete Buttigieg a modern American hero. He is as flawed as the rest of us, but controls his deficits better than most. As some attack him for being born with advantages, the smart people realize he’s made the most of the opportunities presented him. He possesses full control of his sexual orientation narrative, and has converted it into pure power in a profession where it has been historically weaponized by others into weakness. ...Continue Reading

Campaign Advice for Warren and Klobuchar: Back off Pete Buttigieg

It isn’t Pete Buttigieg’s fault that Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota didn’t learn from the other candidates who thought it smart to go after him in a debate. They can’t say Pete didn’t warn them. ...Continue Reading

How Did All the “Not Pete Buttigieg” Candidates Fare in the December Debate?

The deep sting acknowledged throughout the pavilion when Pete came back at Elizabeth Warren with the line, “This is the problem with issuing purity tests you yourself cannot pass,” was Christmas coming a week early for me. ...Continue Reading

Trump Says He’s Dreaming of Pete Buttigieg. So Are the Rest of Us.

Yes, I dream about Pete Buttigieg just as much as Donald Trump does. I am ready for a young, vibrant, forward-thinker who values conscience and mind over dollars and news cycles, who will represent America in all of its parts and peoples, and longs to serve because service actually fulfills him. ...Continue Reading

What it Means That Michael Harriot and Pete Buttigieg Sat Together and Talked About Racism

This kind of thing certainly isn’t uncommon: an attack on a campaigning politician by an American political writer. It is, after all, the heated period of time we like to call “Primary Season.” And in most cases, the story would have ended there. But this story was about to have its first twist. ...Continue Reading

If The Media Insists on Attacking Pete Buttigieg, Here’s a List From Me

Dear Media: I know how badly you'd like to have some dirt on Pete Buttigieg, but you're really scrubbing the bottom of the barrel.

So to save you time, and me a headache, here's a helpful list of every misdeed, transgression, error, lapse, booboo and oops-a-daisy mistake Mayor Pete has ever made in his entire life.

From using permanent markers on the whiteboard to wearing Hammer Pants in the 1990s, you'll find it all here.

It's my sincere hope you use this handy reference next time you come up empty.

(And I left #100 blank for anyone with suggestions)

Continue Reading...

What it Means That Everyone and The Horse They Rode In On is Going After Pete Buttigieg

If Lindsey Graham doesn’t have to read the impeachment transcripts, I don’t have to read any “breaking news” about Pete Buttigieg talking too loud at a movie, eating sushi with a fork, or forgetting to put down the seat. ...Continue Reading

The Gift of Pete Buttigieg to the American Voter

For all the moments in this country people cry out, “We need to talk about race!” we should be relieved to have a leader who is willing to charge into the racial headwinds as bravely as Pete Buttigieg. ...Continue Reading