As Pete Buttigieg walks the line between focus and fighter…

Pete Buttigieg running for president 2020

What we have are a number of candidates who are endlessly going after Trump with outrage and disgust, and one candidate who avoids that approach at all costs.

Why? Because #PeteButtigieg is concerned with the future, not the past. The other candidates are just throwing out multiple versions of “Make America Great Again.” Think about it. “Let’s go back to the norm before 2016. Wasn’t it great?”

Well.., it wasn’t great.  #MoscowMitch blocked voting on major House legislation, blocked the consideration of Merrick Garland, led the way in bending over for the NRA, gerrymandering, weaving racial discrimination into the fabric of the country, keeping the poor struggling, and lifting up the white wealthy Jeffrey Epsteins of the world.

What Pete is saying is clear…. a dismantling of the organization of government that allowed all of that is the priority. Lifting up minorities is the priority. Creating a Medicare option for those who want it without eliminating Obamacare is the priority. Approaching the Second Amendment with common sense and stricter laws to ensure 10 people can’t be routinely killed in ten seconds is the priority.

Reminding me what a disgrace Trump is IS NOT the priority. I’m already clear on that, and I’m frankly EXHAUSTED of hearing it.

Pete has the best ideas for making this country stronger, more secure, more financially balanced, and an example for the rest of the world to follow.

My job is to help wake people up to this. Pete’s intellect and savvy will be what decimates Trump in a debate against him, not pithy pre-produced slogans thrown out on the stage for the sole purpose of going viral. I want an educated, policy-driven President, not someone who thinks they deserve the White House because they’re the most pissed off.

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