As Pete Buttigieg’s sensible plan for health care continues to impress…

Pete Buttigieg health care plan

“Securing a Healthy Future for Rural America” is Pete Buttigeig’s detailed 10-page plan to make health services more affordable to everyone, and making sure that rural people of color have fair access to high quality health care.

Here are TEN of the most important takeaways from Pete’s plan to improve health care to rural communities:

1.) Pete Buttigieg is on the side of ObamaCare. He intends to shore up the Affordable Care Act (that’s ObamaCare to you and me), and add to it with…

2.) Pete’s “Medicare For All Who Want It” Plan. Under Pete’s plan, corporate insurance companies would now have to COMPETE for your dollars against this plan. If you live someplace where there is only a single insurer offering coverage, you now have a choice. Even better, THOSE WHO CURRENTLY HAVE PRIVATE HEALTH CARE will not lose it.

3.) Pete will expand funding to veterans in rural areas to do away with the bureaucracy that currently means long waits for veterans, and in some cases, veterans being turned away from the care they need.

4.) Pete will waive the J-1 Visa requirement that says foreign doctors must return to their home country every two years before re-entering the U.S. to work. Plus, he will adjust it at a state level to accommodate rural provider needs.

5.) Pete will Increase Medicare reimbursement for providers working in medically underserved areas.

6.) Pete will expand programs that support EMTs and paramedics.

7.) Pete will prioritize treatment for opioid addiction.

8.) Pete will support a massive expanding of high-speed internet coverage in rural areas so patients in those areas can communicate with doctors from their homes and avoid long drives to the nearest medical provider.

9.) Pete supports the Rural Emergency Medical Care Act which provides Medicare reimbursements to local emergency and outpatient care facilities that currently do not qualify.

10.) Pete will allow more subsidies for low-income families to make health care more affordable.

Under Pete’s guidance and ideas, quality health care can become a reality for every American, without anyone being forced into a “Medicare for All” country

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