As Pete Buttigieg Continues to Impress in the Democratic Debates…

Pete Buttigieg meets with unhappy little girl

With each debate, the candidates get labeled with more perceived “campaign weaknesses.” They originate with television talking heads, and then spread to social media. We see them in our feeds: “My friends are saying that…” or “I’m hearing everywhere that…” followed by some accusation of unethical behavior.

I guess it means Pete’s making progress that I’m starting to hear them specifically about him. “My friends tell me Pete is funded by rich people! He’ll be in their pockets and deny the rest of us!” And other things I’m sure you’ve heard too.

How do you deal with friends believing the political B.S. about Pete? How do you change their minds? First, you have to seriously ask… do these people really want to have their minds changed? Or do they just want to rock the boat of you, a solid supporter?

I know that I am certain of Pete. He is my candidate, and no one’s going to change my mind. This is because I’ve done my own research on him. I’ve read his plans. I’ve read his book. I listen to him speak. I don’t need to ask someone else to convince me Pete isn’t actually Richard Nixon in disguise.

I also know Pete had a long honeymoon period. But that’s all over now. The bombs thrown will just get bigger, but my support won’t be part of the collateral damage.

There are a lot of people out there with open minds, hoping someone can point them in the direction of a decent, smart, talented, empathetic candidate. Those are the people who get my energy. I am ready to talk to them at the drop of a hat about The Douglass Plan, Pete’s ideas to improve health care in rural areas, what he learned from his time in the military, and how his own personal path has shaped his political thinking.

As for the “But I heard…” crowd, if I really feel their minds will never change, I don’t insult them, but I also don’t waste my efforts. You can’t turn a circle into a square. So I say something like this:

“I recognize you feel that way, and I’m sorry. You’re going to help someone become president who’s less prepared to lead us forward than Pete Buttigieg. But I trust my own judgment, and I’ve done my own research. Pete is my candidate, period. I’ll continue supporting him all the way to the nomination, and then the White House.”

Then I go eat ice cream.

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