As Pete Buttigieg’s Candidacy Widens Our Way of Thinking…

Pete Buttigieg Debate

I am a big supporter of Pete Buttigieg and the kind of administration he is advocating for this country. But I don’t think I’m alone in being challenged by people because of it. 

I’ve been told things akin to: I’m being naïve. No politician can cut through the bureaucracy, overcome gridlock, and avoid being beholden to special interest groups. Worse, I’m not giving credit to the current administration for all the good it’s doing. Finally, a gay man will never be able to win the Presidency.

Accusations of naiveté can be weapons used against people who believe this country can be something more than it is. Even the strongest person can be left questioning their values when challenged by people they’ve known for years.

It’s scary standing up for your beliefs outside of social media – actually using your voice and speaking directly to those who may dismiss or patronize you in response. So… how much courage must Pete Buttigieg have to speak as openly as he does, not only about his beliefs, but about his own life circumstances and the insecurities he’s overcome? Now, he’s offering himself up to be a fighter for all of us, for decency, for respect and love.

That’s what I hold on to when I feel overwhelmed by the lawlessness that pervades this White House and the cynicism and suspicion that has infected millions. If Pete is willing to stand up for what he believes in, without falling into name-calling and childish nonsense, I can too.

I feel inspired and proud to look to Pete Buttigieg as a modern American role model. I await the debates and am hopeful his message will soon spread far and wide. There is optimism to be had for this country. We can be better than we are in this moment, even if many Americans have forgotten that once we were, in fact, better than we are at this moment. 


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