As Pete Buttigieg Proves He’s a “Game of Thrones” level player…

Pete Buttigieg The Shortest Way Home

Perhaps Pete Buttigieg is the most “oppo-proof” candidate in presidential history. Last night I watched the one in the White House openly invite foreign governments to supply his campaign with opposition research on his rivals. This is no doubt a useful tool if one is looking to smear a candidate with much to hide. But Mayor Pete?

He’s already tackled the issue that for decades has been the “shocking revelation” in fictional political movies and books, going all the way back to Allen Drury’s “Advise and Consent” in 1959 (Hint: the Senator is not the happy heterosexual he claims to be. This is not a spoiler. The book is 60 years old).

Pete led with the number one character trait his opponents would try to weaponize against him. What’s left? While at Harvard, Pete didn’t like sweater vests? He only speaks six languages? Buddy actually has both eyes and is faking it to snare the disabled dog vote?

I’m dumbfounded by what the Elected Casino Owner said openly last night, in front of cameras, enthusiastically, without provocation and with zero chance of it being re-framed as a “gotcha” moment. 

But I’m not concerned when it comes to Pete Buttigieg. 

The best part about coming clean about your true nature isn’t that it’s harder for a foreign power to blackmail you into saying nice things while visiting Finland. It’s that with nothing to hide, you don’t have to spend your days paying porn stars, dangling pardons, and tweet-threatening on the toilet. 

You can focus your thinking to the needs of others.

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