It’s down to Pete Buttigieg versus Joe Biden. But no one is telling you that.

What every news organization is running with is that Good Old Joe is back on top of the heap, and after him, is a “three-way race for second.” That’s bull. ...Continue Reading

For Pete Buttigieg, Nothing Could Be Finer Than a Win in Carolina

There is more than one scenario where the Buttigieg campaign would rightly be able to claim a victory on its path to the nomination. Consider these possibilities. Continue Reading...

Pete Buttigieg in Portland (sorta)

Portland Saturday Farmers Market spreading the good word about Pete Buttigieg #1 in Iowa.  #1 in New Hampshire.  Nevada and South Carolina, we’re coming your way! #PDX #PeteForAmerica #PeteButtigieg2020 #FlatPete lives

What Tulsi Gabbard Could Learn from Pete Buttigieg (but won’t)

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard looked into the eyes of the “Wrath of Buttigieg” last night, and now she’s not long for this world. Witness what has happened to past Democratic presidential nominees who’ve made the same mistake of tangling with Pete’s superior thinking.  Congressman Eric Swalwell tried it first, and his exit from the race couldn’t have … Continue reading What Tulsi Gabbard Could Learn from Pete Buttigieg (but won’t)

Yes, America. It’s okay if Pete Buttigieg is not the second coming of Obama

Pete Buttigieg does not have Obama’s spirit; he has his own. And this is not 2008, a time that now seems delightfully inconsequential in comparison to the present. ...Continue Reading