It’s down to Pete Buttigieg versus Joe Biden. But no one is telling you that.

Pete Buttigieg vs Joe Biden

I’m beginning to wonder if the qualified people working on the Biden campaign hold their breath and draw up their shoulders whenever their candidate opens his mouth.

At the Atlanta debate, standing center-stage, as his position in the polls continues to dictate, the former veep gave a grimace-spurring answer to a question about violence against women: “No man has a right to raise a hand to a woman in anger other than in self-defense, and that rarely ever occurs.”

That was a baffling caveat, unless of course Biden is worried that taking such a firm stand on women’s issues might ultimately cost him the prized “battered men’s vote.”

Never content to leave things as bad as they are, Biden soldiered on: “So we have to just change the culture, period.  And keep punching at it and punching it and punching at it.”

The snickers in the room were audible, so Biden gave a confused Ricky Ricardo face and added, “No, I really mean it!” as if tossing on a forcible emphasis would erase an answer that was vapid, confusing and insulting all at once. 

Add that moment to the list of “Biden bleeps and blunders” we are told to simply ignore about Joe.  Instead, the press asks us to remember… that’s just his way.  He confuses his black female senators, worries about that “wacky tobacky,” and suggests families keep the radio and record player blaring so the kids can hear more words.  But we have to let all that slide because apparently… Joe Biden is… our savior?

That’s what I keep hearing.  Joe Biden is our savior.  He is the only candidate who can capture the crucial votes of the blue collars, the African-Americans, and the moderate Republicans, or at least the percentage of those groups who don’t watch debates, read the news, or have ears.  

And apparently, that will be enough to beat Trump.

Well, maybe Joe can beat Trump.  But Joe can’t beat Trumpism.  That will live on long after the Orange One is dragged out of office.  On the list of existential threats to this country, I wonder which is more dangerous: climate change, or the divisive, rage-infused skid marks Trump will leave behind in the consciousness of his millions of followers.

A new national poll from Quinnipaic University shows Biden has re-taken first place in the national race for the Democratic nomination.  Yesterday, the liberal media went nuts with the story and its supposed indicators: Biden’s support isn’t slipping.  He still stands head and shoulders above the rest.  He’s the only true hope for ejecting Trump and steadying the course for the nation.

What’s being underplayed here is that Mayor Pete Buttigieg is now, for the first time, a solid second nationally in this race.  Mayor Pete has jumped up 6% since October, while Biden has only jumped 3%.  Currently, they stand at 24% and 16% respectively.

Meanwhile, both Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren now trail Mayor Pete. Sanders has dipped 2 percentage points.  And even more importantly, Warren, who even at her zenith never received Biden-size allegiance from the press, has tumbled a staggering 14%.

But what every news organization is running with is that Good Old Joe is back on top of the heap, and after him, is a “three-way race for second.”

That’s bull.

Warren and Sanders have longstanding, high profile careers, yet their numbers are falling.  If they’ve fallen behind a young mayor who few outside of Indiana had heard of less than a year ago, and whose numbers continue to improve month after month, then guess what?  Sanders and Warren in a two-way tie for third place.

There is only one race.  It’s Biden and Buttigieg.  Biden holds a lead that continues to shrink, while Mayor Pete quickly and ferociously closes in on him.  Biden seems to be hidden by his campaign as much as possible, while Mayor Pete faces up to his critics with lightning speed and the desire to grow.  

I ask you to look at the fight that still needs to be waged ahead, and I don’t just mean beating Trump.  I mean the day after Trump leaves office.  

Who is going to be a stronger fighter for economic growth?  
Who has more energy and motivation to fight for civil rights?  
Who has more stamina to push for the rights of women in the workplace, collective bargaining?  Who has a more intimate understanding of the effects of student debt?
Who is standing stronger on battling climate change?Who is using words and communication skills to deliver his message more effectively, and potentially capture the imagination and hope of voters who left the Democrats in 2016?
And finally… Who do you trust more?

There is a wonderful cornerstone of the Pete Buttigieg campaign called “The Rules of the Road.” It’s a set of ten values Pete’s campaign asks its supporters to follow.  The first one generally listed is Respect: “…we respect the office of the Presidency, and we respect every individual we encounter on the campaign trail, including our competitors.”

It’s important I mention that, because I understand many will accuse me of violating my oath to these values by saying this straight up: Joe Biden has neither the clarity of mind nor the minimum communication skills to be anything but obliterated by Donald Trump in a debate.  At best, he will be rewarded by the friendly media as having “not inflicted any new damage on himself.”  And we’ll be told to take pride in it, like we would when our kid finally learns not to swallow the bubble gum.

Well, that is not enough for me.  I’m already living through an administration where I have to hold my breath and draw up my shoulders whenever the president opens his mouth.  I don’t need another one.

5 thoughts on “It’s down to Pete Buttigieg versus Joe Biden. But no one is telling you that.

  1. I wonder how come people forgive Joe for advising black parents to turn on their radios and record players but Pete gets sliced and diced for saying that more role models are needed. #PeteButtigieg2020


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