What I Learned About Myself From Pete Buttigieg

Pete Buttigieg is more than a candidate. He’s a teacher, a hero, an icon, a courageous soul, and a warrior. He’s an example I’m very grateful to witness in my lifetime. And now, he’s a permanent part of our shared history. ...Continue Reading

MSNBC: Stumbling Woefully in the Dark on Pete Buttigieg

The good news for Pete Buttigieg, in case you haven’t heard, just gets better and better.  And there’s a very good chance you haven’t heard it if you rely on the perspective-warpers at MSNBC.  Despite every opportunity to present a straight story to you, the network has instead created its own sideshow stage, lobbed facts into the … Continue reading MSNBC: Stumbling Woefully in the Dark on Pete Buttigieg

Biden Takes the Low Road in a Deceptive Ad. Here’s the Truth About Pete Buttigieg

Some of you may have seen the Biden ad. I'm not linking to it here, not because I'm worried it will bite into Buttigieg support, but because it is so egregiously misleading, so achingly superior, so poorly produced and so all-around pathetic, that out of respect for Joe Biden, the fewer people who see it the better. Continue Reading...