Look Smart When Promoting Buttigieg: Make Your Own “Binder Full of Pete”

pete buttigieg policy

Recently, someone posted on my Twitter feed, “if you’re not happy with the Mueller hearing outcome, it’s time to get yourself organized and make a real difference for Pete Buttigieg to get him elected.”

Well, that’s easy to say, but not easy to do. I can’t get the garage organized and I’ve been meaning to do that for six years. I have nearly a decade of tax documents in a skyscraper-like pile in a back closet. There’s a pair of shoes that have been sitting in my trunk for half a year because I keep meaning to get new laces for them. My DVD’s remain un-alphabetized.

I can’t keep everything I want to remember about Pete in my head, so now I have this beautiful baby going, my “Binder Full of Pete” with a nod to Senator Mitt Romney for helping me come up with the title.

I’ve got sections for:

POLICY and RESPONSE (The proposals as Pete lays them out along with analysis from sources I respect)

SOUTH BEND (what Pete has done for the city)

QUOTES (The amazingly eloquent things Pete has said that I want to be ready and able to share with others)

REPUBLICAN PUSHBACK (Hard evidence I can use for anyone who wants to label Pete a socialist, a radical left winger, a communist, a juvenile delinquent, a martian, or any other such nonsense).


This has helped me stay up to date, educated, and armed with facts. I feel good about my ability to speak on behalf of the Buttigieg campaign, and can blow people away with all the wonderful things there are to know about candidate #PeteButtigieg!

And it makes me look waaaayy smarter than I really am. Give it a try!

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