What it Means that Pete Buttigieg is Now #1 in Iowa

This is not a drill.

The new Monmouth University Poll released today puts Pete Buttigieg at the top of the Democratic contenders, just a few months ahead of the nation’s first caucus in Iowa.

Pete has jumped up an astonishing 14 points since the last Monmouth poll in August.  He currently stands at 22% in Iowa, three points ahead of his nearest competition, Joe Biden.   He’s four points ahead of Elizabeth Warren and nine points ahead of Bernie Sanders.

Among moderates and conservatives, Pete’s numbers are up.  Among the “somewhat liberals” and “very liberals,” Pete stands at 23% and 15%, respectively. He’s at the top of the pack with women. He’s at the top of the pack with men.  He’s at the top of the pack with both college-educated voters and those without a college degree.  Whichever way you cut the numbers, Pete is either in the lead, or within a hair’s breath of Biden and Warren.

What does it mean?  It means this: Pete Buttigieg is now an official movement.  It’s no longer, “Pete Buttigieg is catching on.”  

It’s time to change the message, folks.  “Pete Buttigieg has arrived.”

Consider that there is still a decent portion of the electorate who may know Pete’s name, but have not heard him speak.  Those of us who’ve already caught on know it’s just a matter of time before Pete’s unbeatable, eloquent and laser-focused verbal skills will cast an even wider net as the field narrows and casual watchers of the race begin shopping for their candidate.

It means Pete is peaking at exactly the right time.  As Iowa nears, news coverage and word-of-mouth will increase.  And Pete is perfectly positioned to be the name on the lips of just about every category of American voter.  He’s already killing it with more seasoned voters, who cast their ballot based on experience and a practical outlook on what can be accomplished.  And he’s rising among younger supporters, who are generally less invested in politics at this point.  

Buttigieg’s support continues to widen like a gathering storm preparing to settle over the Trump White House.

It means Pete’s stands on the issues are clicking amount wide swaths of the electorate.  Leading the way is health care.  Pete’s “Medicare for All Who Want It” is being increasingly defined as the most practical and logical path forward for the majority of America.   On gun legislation, racial inequality, foreign policy, immigration… Pete’s arguments are cogent and based in fact and logic. Furthermore, he’s able to communicate his stands in an exciting, thoughtful way that’s making supporters drool at the suggestion of a Pete vs. Trump debate.

But here’s what it means most of all:  Pete’s messaging is working.  And today is the day to make a contribution to his campaign.  

It’s the day to decide to wear a Pete Buttigieg button, put a bumper sticker on the car, and a sign in the window.  It’s time to bring him up with friends and family if you haven’t done it yet.  It’s time to make sure if someone asks you about the Harvard-educated, veteran, and twice-elected Mayor of Indiana who’s super-smart, you have something issue-focused to share, so they walk away with a new seed in their minds about how Pete can actually change the channel in America.

Finally, it means this: every Pete Buttigieg supporter should stand up, pat themselves on the back for an excellent job, and then get ready to double their efforts.  

The nomination is in sight.  And no other candidate has a more organized and energized base than Pete!  Let’s work like the nation depends on it.  With Pete Buttigieg, we can take back the narrative, take back sanity, and truly make America glorious again!

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