Check out “Fishbowl with Pete: Episode 1”

“What is the first thing you will do in the White House?”

“Well, there’s gonna be a lot of Executive Orders,” answers Pete Buttigieg.  “But I guess the first thing I’ll do is try to figure out where Truman and Buddy are gonna fit… then we’ll get to the Executive Orders, mostly reversing bad ones from the last administration.”

Of all of Pete’s answers in this 3 minute-plus video, that’s my favorite.  But there’s much more to like. released its first “You asked, Pete answered” video earlier tonight. Called, “Fishbowl with Pete,” the South Bend mayor and top presidential contender actually transformed the usually banal “Things to Know about Me” gimmick into a rather charming must-see.

Along with suggestions from Pete on how to help him at a grassroots level, you also receive Pete’s argument for why taking out the garbage is a far better chore than cleaning out the fridge. It’s a persuasive argument too, but that should surprise no one at this point.

You can submit your own question for the next video in the “Fishbowl with Pete” series by going to I just submitted mine.

You can watch Episode 1 of “Fishbowl with Pete” below.

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