As Pete Buttigieg Surpasses Joe Biden In Iowa…

Pete Buttigieg meets with President Jimmy Carter - 2019

Pete Buttigieg has the understanding of a young transformational candidate, combined with the practical approach to governing that is making him increasingly popular with the over-65 crowd, who seem just about ready to abandon Biden for him.

Diminishing Pete to a “he’ll be ready in 2028” argument – which I continue to hear – is denying what only Pete can do: change the course of this nation for the next 50 years, while aggregating the votes of the older generation who will actually show up to the polls next year to kick Trump out.

I have two staunch Republican parents who are continually singling Pete out as “a really smart guy.” That’s more compliment than I’ve heard them pay any Democrat in my 49 years on the planet. They’re ready to vote for Pete (almost). That tells me everything I need to know about who can win next year.

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