As Pete Buttigieg Shows Us Exactly How He Will Govern…

Pete Buttigieg Barack Obama

There is an additional level of brilliance to the #BeLikePete hash tag I only realized last night.

We already know Pete is the “slow burn” candidate. There’s an intentional steadiness in the way he’s making his case, one American town at a time. But there’s more.

By the example he’s setting, Pete makes it clear he isn’t interested in just telling us how he wants to govern. He’s explaining his ideas to us, and asking us to take them out for a spin, to see how we feel about them.

Look at his proposal for the Serve America Act. Pete believes in finding meaningful ways for people who seemingly have little in common to engage, and to find a way to work together for a greater purpose.

He was motivated by his own experiences as a Navy Lieutenant in Afghanistan, serving alongside others from disparate backgrounds. “In many ways, we had nothing in common except the fact that we were all American. But the men and women who got in my vehicle didn’t care if I was a Democrat, a Republican, or an independent. They just wanted to get home safe, like I did.”

But we don’t have to wait for Pete to be president to see how this plan might work. We are already doing it here in this group. Our shared greater goal is to get Pete and Chasten to the White House. On certain posts we may agree or disagree. But we engage, discuss, and are willing to listen and respect differing positions.

Isn’t that what Pete’s Serve America Act is meant to accomplish? Isn’t this exactly what Pete is telling us he will do as President? He will listen, engage, and won’t agree for the sake of pleasantries. He will remind us that difficult ideas often come with difficult lifts, negotiation, and compromise. For us to already be doing the same thing here is, to me, the true meaning of #BeLikePete.

What other candidate is this clever about communicating his ideas and getting us to exemplify how they will go? We are the very proof that Pete’s way works. So why wouldn’t we support him?

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